Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I was asked a few weeks ago by a friend how I have been doing during this "waiting phase" in our adoption process.  Praise the Lord, I have been doing well, and time has seemed to go very quickly!  Looking back, it's been over 1 year now since we decided to start the adoption process.  Wow, that went fast!  I had pictured adopted within 1 year.  :) Ever since we went into the book, 1 1/2 weeks ago, I've felt really impatient all of a sudden.  As if going into the book means we should get a call the next day!  My mom called me last week and was just reminding me that God's timing is not our timing, and that He has a SPECIFIC baby for us, and we need to wait until he/she is ready.  I am thankful for reminders like this!  God does have a plan, and His ways are so much better than mine (well, actually they're perfect!!)  How silly of me to want it to go according to my imperfect schedule!  Please pray that the Lord would continue to grant me patience during this waiting phase. 

I have never been so excited to check my phone and email messages in my life, knowing that it could be the agency!  It feels very much like a dream to me.  We've been planning on this for over a year now, and I've read so many wonderful adoption stories, but is it actually going to happen to us?  Are we actually going to be given a baby?  Sometimes it is really hard for me to imagine it actually happening, and I'm sure when it does, it will still feel like a wonderful dream! 

In the meantime, while our waiting continues, we are trying to get some house projects done!  We've had our basement bathroom unfinished since we bought our house.  We've been wanting to finish it before the baby comes, considering our bedroom and the baby's room are in the basement.  We're halfway through the project, and it is turning out great!  We've had a lot of help from my brother-in-law, so that was a huge blessing!  Now we're to the tiling, which neither of us have done before....  Hopefully soon it will be finished so I can post some before/after pictures!


  1. Good job being fairly patient so far! We were home study approved and have since been shown to a few birthmothers, but no success yet. I didn't expect anything right away, but now that it's been 5 months I'm getting impatient! It's hard when you have no idea when you're wait will end! Our agency's average waiting time is 18-24 months though, so I'm just trying to work on projects around the house. :)
    Good for you for remodeling a bathroom! That sounds like a HUGE project! I'm more working on things like painting the windows, etc... which is WAY less exciting. :)

    1. It is so fun to meet people going through the same process. Not everyone understands the emotions involved in the adoption process unless they've gone through it! You're right, it is so difficult not having an end date. But that's where the faith comes in! It is good to find things to keep you busy and distract from the wait!