Friday, October 21, 2011

Waiting List

We haven't heard a single thing regarding our outreach yet, and I am trying not to get too discouraged!  I am thankful that we've been busy, as it helps keep me distracted.  We aren't feeling too optimistic about the outreach program, so we've decided to join the waiting list for the Profile Book through our agency!  The waiting list is really long, we're 23rd on the list, so it would be a few months until we could even have our profile in there.  We were hoping we wouldn't need to spend the $$ to go into the book, but we're beginning to feel that it may be the best option for us.  We still plan on continuing our outreach while we're on the waiting list, and we're still hoping something would come up before we enter the book!  We'd appreciate your prayers for us during this time.  The unknowns are so difficult, and we need wisdom from the Lord throughout this process! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I love autumn...

We've been pretty busy here at our house...  Dan and I have been sick with colds the past couple weeks, so we're excited to finally be feeling better!  After being home bound for so long, we decided to go for a walk last weekend to get some fresh air.  It is such a beautiful time of year to be outdoors! We've been enjoying the cooler weather (although the past few days have been pretty summer-like) and the beautiful fall colors.  We are also going camping this weekend with some friends.
One of the two snakes Dan caught on our walk

No news in the adoption process.  We received our adoption cards and we began handing them out and posting them on bulletin boards. We sent them to churches in the area as well.  Also, on Monday, Dan met a woman at work who had adopted a baby a few years back, and she connected with the baby's birth mother through her own outreach efforts!  She was so excited to help us out, she said she knows 'everybody' and would be talking with them about us.  She took a few of our cards and even made a phone call to someone she knew when Dan was still there.  :)  We're excited to see the Lord continue to work with all of these opportunities!