Friday, June 10, 2011

A glimpse of our nursery

My idea for the nursery is starting to become a reality!  I spent the last couple days laser-leveling (thanks Fishers!), taping and painting, and I am SO happy with the results.  The room isn't finished yet though, we still need someone to trim our windows and doors...  Hopefully that will happen soon, and I can show the finished room!  It was time consuming, but I think it was well worth the added effort!

Here's what the room looked like before I got at it!

No Thanks

And here is our much improved, striped nursery!

So much better!
The branch and birds are for my other project.... I plan on mounting the branch above the crib, with the little birdies sitting on the branches...

Now we just need some furniture....  and a baby....  :)

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