Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kitchen Pictures!

A lot has been going on at our house!  I finally got around to taking some pictures of the kitchen, however, there are still trim pieces missing, some drawer pulls that have to be installed, and eventually granite counter tops and a subway tile backsplash.  But here it is before, in the middle of the floor sanding process.


 We are so happy with how it turned out! And I can't wait to see the finishing touches completed!

In other news, we have 9 new babies at our house!  We got a kitten, named Phillip.  He is adorable and is annoyingly cute.  Here he is resting on Dan.

  The other 8 babies are our tiny chicks. They are strange creatures and are so funny to watch! (Falling asleep with their heads in the food bin, sprawling out their legs as they sleep, pecking each other's eyes...)  They are hanging out in our basement for now, since it is to cold for them to be outside yet. We ended up finding a chicken coop on craigslist!  I'm so happy Dan doesn't need to build one.  Here are the little ladies.  We are going to have a colorful brood!  (This picture is a couple weeks old, so they are much bigger right now, and have a lot of feathers already.)

In adoption news; we updated our home study last week because of our move (and it was coming due in July anyways.)  We got a new social worker and have been happy with her so far!  We are hoping this is the year for us, because I don't think we will renew our home study again...  Please keep us in your prayers!

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  1. Your kitchen is beautiful! I wish I had the vision to see things all done. It's a talent!
    Philip is soooo adorable! I really want to get chickens, too. I'm hoping when we finally buy a house we'll be able to have a few!