Friday, November 16, 2012

Other Finished Projects

Another house project update, since that is the only thing I have to update on...

One of our other projects was putting in new flooring (since the carpet had pet stains from the previous owner) and closet doors in our upstairs bedroom.  The walls were a nasty green color when we bought it, and we painted it a light blue then.  I really wanted a grey (and yellow) room, so we decided to redo the walls grey in here! I've still have to make my yellow curtains...

Here are the before pictures:
Our door-less closet

Dan painting the grey over the blue walls

The grey paint is finished, next we ripped out the nasty carpet!
Here is the after with the new flooring in!

YAY, closet doors!

I love this little room....  Even though it is just used for storage right now.

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