Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Fun!

We still don't have any adoption updates, but I wanted to post something fun since my last post was a downer!  :)  Dan and I have been loving our summer and are making the most of what might be our last summer as just the two of us!  I finally got a new camera, so I have been taking a lot more pictures now...

We had a great camping trip with our friends in early June. We went to Savannah Portage State Park.  We had a canoe-in campsite, so it was super quiet, peaceful, and beautiful being right on the lake! 

The men fishing. We enjoyed a few meals from their efforts!

Trying to put a worm on a hook

Yummy lunch!

Waiting for lunch
 I came across this huge spider (he was eating a moth!) while washing my hands in the shelter.  Dan and I both hate spiders, so the guys came up with a plan....  Enter the Air-Soft gun!

Early morning canoe ride with my love

 We came across this turtle on our way home.  He was huge and was hissing at Dan when he picked him up!

Dan and I both enjoy fishing, so we've been going a lot more lately.  Here are a couple fish Dan caught on our latest trip.

I have had a few days that I babysat for some friends.  Here is Dan  playing our piano with my little buddy, Emma.

We recently had a get-together at my parents.
Wesley is getting so big!

 Mom broke out the 'miracle' bubbles and the boys had so much fun trying to pop them.

Grandpa's tractor rides!
 I can't believe June is almost over!  Summer is going by fast, but we have lots of fun to look forward to!  Birthdays, weddings, showers, camping trips, vacation, fishing trips.....  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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