Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello again...

I've been horrible at blogging as of late!  Life has been busy.  Dan and I celebrated 4 years of marriage September 8th!  It's a bit scary how fast life is going!  Dan had the week off of work, and we had a fun time hanging out, going to the zoo, mini golfing, and working on a 1,000 piece puzzle.  Dan had some health scare issues come up, but praise God, he is okay.  We haven't heard anything yet in the area of adoption.  We've had our profile up for about a month now...  I ordered some adoption cards yesterday (almost like business cards) to pass around and post on bulletin boards around town and in churches etc.  A lot of people have had success with those.  I've also been working on adoption grant applications, which are actually quite a bit of work.  We're hoping we could receive a grant to help with the second leg of the adoption, or if need be, to go into our agency's waiting family book! 
  I'd really appreciate your prayers, that God would give me the patience needed for this process.  I didn't realize that the waiting would be so hard.   It is so far out of my hands, I need to rest on the Lord!  I am thankful I have plenty of things to keep me busy though!   Also, please pray for the Lord's continued provision, for these grant applications we're sending out soon, and for the birth family that must be dealing with some tough situations.  I try to imagine what the woman considering adoption for her child must feel, and I honestly can't imagine it, so I just pray for her, whoever she may be.  I really appreciate your prayers!

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