Monday, August 1, 2011

Cloth Diapers!

I am hoping to use cloth diapers with our baby, the main reason being to save $$!  There are a lot of options out there that make it much like using a disposable, with a couple extra loads of laundry to do each week!  I was hoping to buy some nice one sized diapers that are adjustable as the baby grows, but Dan wasn't too excited about spending $20/diaper!  So I made about a dozen one sized flannel diapers and a whole bunch of inserts, and bought a few one sized covers to use with those.
My homemade diaper
I found the pattern here:

I knew I'd need more than the ones I've made so far, so I was trying to figure out what I should do. Just the other day, my friend from church said she was at a garage sale and bought a huge box of cloth diapers for me!  She said they looked like really nice ones, so I was really excited to see them!  (Dan gets a kick out of the fact I actually get excited about cloth diapers!)  Here's what was in the box...
13 Fuzzi Bunz one sized diapers with inserts (I think that's the brand, they don't have tags)
11 G-Diapers, with a pack of disposable liners
6 covers (possibly home-made, no tags)
1 snug to fit diaper
1 kissaluvs diaper
1 Mother-Ease one sized diaper
1 swim diaper

   Had we purchased these all new, it would have cost about $550!  What I paid at garage sale price???
$13!  I can hardly believe they sold them for that cheap!  They are all in really good condition, too!  Also, I have another friend from church that said she'd let me use her nearly new bumgenius cloth diapers too!  So I should be set for cloth diapers now...  We've probably only spent $70 total for diapering our baby!  Not bad!

So praise God for His provision, yet again!  Even in the little things, like providing cloth diapers for ridiculously cheap!  God is good, all of the time!

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